From a human point of view the most fundamental and important problems are energy, food, environment, education, housing, medical care and job. As the saying goes, ‘even kings could not solve the problems of the poor’, it is very hard to solve the abovementioned problems. It is fortunate that these problems are partially resolved with exemplary manner in some Nordic countries. However, other countries cannot follow everything the Nordic country did because there are so many limiting factors to do so. Most of countries in the world want to solve the foregoing problems but it is true that there is a lot of tension from country to country according to whether their approach is progressive or conservative. If you have a water shortage now, you are going to experience an inner conflict and asking yourself what to do next; to drink or to wash your face or take a shower etc. If not, you can do what you want; you can even swim.
‘7global solutions’ suggest the direct or indirect solutions to complete the 7tasks put before us such as energy, food, environment, education, housing, medical care and job. We don’t need to fight on a narrow road but just follow a wide street.

7 Solutions


The energy sector as a whole currently accounts for around three quarters of all the greenhouse gases emitted by human activity. To cut those emissions, green electricity will need to be at the core source of global energy, according to the International Energy Agency.


More people die each year from hunger and malnutrition than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Food shortage derived from world population growth and the rapid rise in food price require more food production.


Around 70% of disasters are climate related: The Cost of responding to disasters has risen tenfold between 1992 and 2008. The primary cause of environmental issue (climate change) is the excessive CO2 emission from fossil-fuel combustion.


Most of information, knowledge, technology, knowhow and culture are converted into digital form and provided. Huge amount of digital contents and digital devices changed the way people access and obtain information. The digital natives, who have grown up with online and digital devices, are bringing different expectations into the classroom.


Industrialization and urbanization cause the rise of house price and lack of housing provision in the inner-city areas. Furthermore, the rise in the number of smaller households derived from social and demographic change calls for quite a number of small houses.

Medical Care

If you have any idea for solving the current problems in medical care or want serious discussion about this topic please email to


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